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Shivam Taneja

Shivam Taneja

I am oblivious
or rather dubious.
Different in a way....
Which will never go away
You might call me weird
But I too have an imperial beard
I am strange
But that was no abrupt change
I am the one
Whose life is pure fun
I am an insider
But I feel like an outsider
I have a major
in making a wager
I like winter season
But there is no reason
I am an expert
in being a nerd.
I will never be the same
But who is to blame?
I too am a riddler
But I am no fiddler
I am fascinating
Yet in a way much more complicating
I maybe uncool
But I am no fool
I am the guy who is invisible
But now I want to be visible
I am scarred from the knives I have cut into my own wrists.
But there are a lot more twists
I live in a dark room
Is this my doom?
I am the one who asks a lot of questions
Do you have any answers or suggestions?
I am still that wide-eyed dreamer who just wants to write.
But this is no delight

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