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Albert Moore

After a forty-five-year career as an award-winning architect and urban designer, Albert Moore has woven actual events from his life with fiction to tell an inspiring story about the relationship he’s cultivated with his soul.

In 1988, a personal crisis initiated his inner journey along the circuitous path to Know Thyself. Albert traveled near and far to study ancient traditions, the healing arts, and universal principles. With a new perspective on life, he now practices the art of seeing the physical world as the mirror image of his thoughts and feelings, both conscious and subconscious. He lives by the Pablo Neruda statement, “Changing the world is an inside job.” His inner journey has led him to remember that all people and species originate from and are inherently connected to one all-loving Source. Honoring all things as sacred and having a good sense of humor about our struggles with duality helps him maintain optimism about the future of humanity and our planet.

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