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Alessandra Muni

Love includes the risk of loss. Passion can end in a broken heart. Marriage might end in separation.

Yet, would you want to live without it?

All around the world this rollercoaster of emotions - high in the sky - shattered and broken on the ground - is lived and experienced again and again. Each single time individually, multifariously, full of dreams.

Alessandra Muni has lived in New York, Mumbai, London, Geneva and Venice and now lives in Munich.

She interprets the aspects of love, broken hearts and new beginnings in an absolutely fresh, unique, hilarious and breathtakingly surprising style.

Regardless of whether your heart is broken or not, you will find a fortune cookie or a quote which you will laughingly share with your girlfriends.

As one reader put it: "Phoenix-Style" belongs into the bedroom of every woman - for life. Trust me, it will not dust in the shelf but become your personal treasure-box."

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