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Saranya Tracey

Saranya has been in private practice as a Psychotherapist for almost thirty years. She has several specialties, and specializing in grief therapy is her foremost. Not only because it is a frequent occurrence for people to enter therapy as the result of grieving over the death of a loved one, but also because people seek help in therapy for depression, anxiety, broken marriage, etc. The core issue involved with many of their problems, including mourning, is past brainwashing from parents, teachers, clergy, etc., even though they are not aware of it, as these experiences are hidden in the unconscious. Simply put, loss is at the base of all beginnings in life.
Saranya has several certifications from Manhattan
training institutes, before, and after, attaining her MA degree in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickenson. Her main modality is Jungian, having trained at the C.G Jung Foundation. This is called Depth Psychology. She has trained in other modalities as well, at Manhattan institutes. She has been meditating since the age of sixteen, which deepens with time. Thus, many unusual insights come into play in this book.

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Saranya Tracey

The Grief Teacher

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Grief Teacher is a personification of an inner force which unearths your hidden inner truths involved with your grief that enables the appearance of strengths you never knew you had.