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Amy Robinson

My name is Amy Robinson.
I am a creative writer and Artist and mother .
I have created a collection of children’s books based on real life issues , that teach self love , gratitude, determination and inspiration in order to be the best them they can be .
I do it for the future of our world , our children are our future and for them to learn at a young age that they are the ones that create their destiny and that they can be or can do anything their hearts and souls desire .
Looking for inspiration and determination is something we all do and have done for years , but getting a child to see the possibility’s life has in store is tough ... well not no more these books do just that in an easy to read ,draw them in kind of way :)

The change we will see as a result of children reading these world wide and putting the lessons learned in these fun stories will be unfathomable , we will grow tremendously as individuals creating a better world.
We will see that what once seemed impossible is now absolutely possible and will be done .
Our children are our future, let’s teach them young :)

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