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Marion Ejan

Marion, Greatly Influenced by her grand parents she thrives on enriching others lives by inspiring and shifting their perspectives to living in a beautiful state.

Her maternal grandmother always told her she was going to be "a healer" . To Marion that meant a profession in healthcare. She had a strong love for Psychology; wondering why people thought the things they did and why.

The last 20 years practicing as a Registered Nurse she got to know herself and heal through client experiences. Her curiosity fulfilled the need to just say YES to create a life experience. Now a proclaimed author. She learned to let go, became vulnerable, free and finally at peace with a moment in her life that she realized kept showing up as patterns.

Thanks to my paternal Grandmother, Mama Ely , she does exactly that. "My mission is to inspire. I am my most fulfilled when I am serving. I remind people that their true essence is deep in their core. The purpose you seek in life... is within you. Its never left. Remember what brought you here today. Its to be in service of anything other than you. And the magic happens.

So what the heck... Just say YES.
The worse case scenario is you'll have a time of your life!"

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