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Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan is the Digital Marketing Manager of Appiloque, a leading digital marketing and web development agency in Singapore. He is also a freelance writer and speaker in several peer groups that he is involved in. His interest in the study of success has allowed him to talk to and work with successful people from a spectrum of industries, and is now compiling all the knowledge, wisdom & experience into a book.

Despite coming from a background of childhood depression & being labelled anti-social while growing up, he pulled himself together after identifying his purpose in life. Having listened to You were born rich by Bob Proctor, his life turned to a new direction of self-confidence and being of service to others. No longer held back by peer pressure and disbelief from the people around him, he went ahead to create the life that he envisioned for himself and has never turned back since.

Daniel is currently developing a programme for his speaking profession and looks forward to reaching out to millennials that are still schooling or who are entering the marketplace. He believes that grooming young men & women into successful individuals is the best way to contribute back to society and the world.

He often refers to his favourite personal quote of “if you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your reality.”

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