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Kristian Mahony

Kristian Mahony, has become one of the world’s premier thought leaders on retailing performance and building sustainable retail based cultures. CEO’s of Million Dollar companies turn to Kristian for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out of their retailing results.

As founder of The Retail Guy. he has been dedicated to researching, training and working with retailers to help them find their purpose, elevate their profiles and turn their retailing outcomes into personal and professional capital. He has developed a client base of over 100 companies in Australia, and is looking to expand is product reach internationally in 2015.

Having been presented with a Young Retailer of the Year Nomination, Kristian has also won accolades with the rebel group and Ascendia Retail.

Kristian is a frequent blogger and has over 130 articles on retail strategy and forward insights. He guest blogs for,,

His podcast, The Go To Retail Show is downloaded in 11 countries and has had over 25000 downloads in 10 months of production.

He has just finished writing his first book, due to be released soon called ‘A Sporting Chance’ – How to Profit MORE from your Sports Store and has already started his second manuscript.

Kristian has 4 great passions in his life. Like most people he is passionate about his family, being with them, having different experiences, see them grow as individuals. He is passionate about the work he does that makes a difference, that is meaningful and matters.

His third passion is sports, He loves sports and activities … He believes sport bonds communities and builds relationships. His other passion is Music. It’s his one escape whether it’s running, or just to relax and unwind.

Kristian believes that there’s never been a better time to stand out and build a sizeable asset as a retailer.

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