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Alexander Prinsen

My name is Alexander and I am driven to make change happen in the world. Since 2013 I am developing learning programs, trainings and coaching concepts.

I never envisioned becoming a Journalist, Anthropologist, Researcher, Activist, Environmentalist, Consultant, Artist, Public Speaker and finally an Entrepreneur…

My learning journey has been made possible through the support of many people. I am grateful for those who guided me in the right direction and supporting my endeavors - the lady who revamped my website in Bali and those in Singapore who convinced me that my experiences of my journey are worth sharing. The dutch accountants willing to provide advice about my crowdfunding campaign. And those providing valuable contacts to meet on my journey.

I thank you all for your support and trust to make my dream happen. I can now share the fruits of my journey as book to inspire more people!

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Alexander Prinsen

Masters of Beautiful Achievements

Alexander Prinsen

Masters of Beautiful Achievements is a toolbox for taking on environmental, social, and entrepreneurial challenges in our communities. Find out how today's successful change-agents harness the power of peer2peer, open …