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Irene Holmes

The Author Bibliography of Irene Jane Holmes

Irene J Holmes works at home as a writer, homemaker, and as a mother. She has been in college for about year know and is going to (SNHU) Southern New Hampshire University Online course. She is majoring in screenwriting. She has been working hard in her classes so she can try to achieve her writing goals. Her instructor from the creative writing course; Susan-Sojourna Collier has helped students out a lot. She gives us inspiration notes. She is very positive to help students achieve our goals as a writer, and in your lifetime to come. Comments: Workshop short story hey Irene, Great job with your critiques! You addressed many of the same issues I pointed out in my note. Also, you were very clear with your notes and suggestions and your comments targeted ways to heighten the story-telling experience. It appears that you are invested in your peers’ literary growth – which is pretty cool. You are such a powerful writer…

She was born in Bountiful, Utah, and raised in Boardman Oregon. She finished her last year of high school at W F West; Chehalis, WA. She know lives in Olympia, WA. She is a mother of five wonderful children. Four boys, one girl. Richard Vernon, Tim Jr Mikel, Michael Jesse, Colleen Mary, Alvin James H-K. She loves to tell her stories, and sing her songs to her kids, or anybody who would love to hear her work.
She has earned her Certificates for Writing stories for children she has taken this home course at: Stafford Career Institution; Graduated: Jan, 03, medical coding she has taken this home course at: Home professions; Graduated: March,2000,
Training college Certificate: Business Office Computers (BCTI) Business Computer training Institute; Graduated; January, 1997 In Seattle, WA, (CNA) Certified Nurse Aid she has taken this college course at: Community College Nursing Home; Graduated; December, 1991 In: Sale Lake City Utah.
She has explored many options to make her stories come to life as the audience is reading her stories, poems, and songs. She loves to write, it helps her with her daily stresses that come upon her. Writing is very important to her, because she love to help people out. She hopes that some of her writing like in her songs, poems, or even her stories can help aspire someone to keep their heads up. Like the song, she wrote for her three older boys “I want to be like my brothers” This song; seems to help all of her kids keep going and never give up.
She has written some manuscripts that have not been published. Here are some written books she has: “Boy’s adventures through the west (In process of getting it published), Boy’s adventures at the ocean. Some children books, alphabet number color animal kid (In process of getting it published), The wonderful day with the boys. She has written some poems The dark, gloomy night, A summer to remember, our 1st baby girl and songs to help inspire everybody, I want to be like my brothers, Please remember your birth family, Oh beautiful (sweet pea)(Angel)(Mikey)(Sunshine) (Miracle) baby of mine. Her most-recent memoir Alvin’s first fourth of July, 2014. She has other stories about to be finish and starting to write another memoir, novel, and more poems and songs for all type of age group readers. She is working on to get all her manuscripts published some day in the future.

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