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Dave Clare

Dave Clare is the self-proclaimed Prophet for Purpose.

He is an author, coach and spokesperson for the modern movement to inspire a new wave of purpose-driven leaders. Dave brings his real life and international business leadership perspective from his experience that spans over two decades and multiple continents.

There is a legacy of accomplishments from a proven track record in measurable results that position him as a worthy authority on the subject of leadership. Personally, Dave has coached and facilitated two World Clients of the Year and three Canadian Clients of the Year for an international organisation. Dave was also "Sales Leader of the Year" after developing and applying his own unique sales methodology (R.E.L.A.X.E.D.© Selling).

Whether it’s un-earthing purpose or re-igniting it, Dave’s work with leaders has focused on how to turn their business models into model businesses. A powerful speaker, Dave has delivered many inspirational messages to business leaders internationally.

This is Dave on purpose.

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