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Suffian Hakim

Suffian Hakim

Suffian Hakim is your average heartlander. He was born, bred and educated in Singapore, and is thankful for not having studied in another country and picking up a misplaced <i>ang moh </i>accent in the process.

Suffian is a freelance writer for some of Singapore's best local magazines, and is also currently the Creative Director at newly minted local production company Pun Intended Media Productions. Had he not chosen writing as a career path, he would have been a satay connoisseur, or a botanist.

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Suffian Hakim

Harris bin Potter

Suffian Hakim

Harris bin Potter thinks he is an average Singaporean boy - until he meets a half-giant with an affinity for Jamaican culture, starts having conversations with cardboard boxes, gets regular ...

Literary Fiction