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Wabomba Kisongochi Robert

Doctor martin Luther King-A letter from Birmingham jail, Professor Molefi Asante- Constituents of power, Amiri Baraka, Malcolm X, Cupid Arrow, Booker T Washington, Julia Ann Cooper, The secrets of the Mossad, Twahir Nurdin;-The ascendary of Militarized capitalism in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. Jurgen Moltamann-theology today, mark of the beast, black power;-walking the talk by Adolph Reid Junior, Shaban Robert, Frances E.W Harper. Marc Roberts - Have Afrikans been responsible for their own plight? William Gullen Bryant, Professor Anton Goolsbec, Professor Alesina, Professor Jasmine Matuszeki, Professor William Easterly-Artificial states, George Orwell-Animal Farm, Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Gullen, Lovington Hughes, Aime Cesaire.

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