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888 ink is a recently-established independent publishing company which is committed to publishing brilliant books that excite, empower and enlighten our readers. Instead of using traditional bookshops, we use the universal power of the Internet to produce and market our e-books and print books. Our art studio has experienced artists and designers who bring our novels and non-fiction books to life.

Run by a team with over 40 years experience in the industry, 888 ink aims to revolutionise the publishing industry by drastically reducing turn-around times and offering far superior royalty agreements than major publishing houses, whilst also offering competitive pricing to our customers.

Did you know that on average an author will only receive around 10% of the cover price of each book sold through a major publishing house or approximately $3 if they self-publish on Amazon?!

… We sell PDF versions of books as well as print copies directly from our website which ensures that authors receive the royalties they deserve. We devise an extensive marketing program for each of our books to ensure that we only promote your book and market it to readers interested in the topic.

We support our authors every step of the way with insights and expertise. We pay all up-front costs involved from editing to art and design to marketing campaigns.

We are NOT vanity publishers and each manuscript submitted to us will be considered on its own merit and only published if we see worth and quality in the writing. It must be original in concept and execution. We will find an interested audience and our marketing team will ensure they bring it to the attention of your potential readers in an exciting and refreshing manner.

888 ink Team

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