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Abby Lenaeus

Abby loves to read about werewolves and vampires. She had a hard time finding one she really loved, so she decided to write her own. Abby is a mother to a spunky 3 year old girl as well as a wife. Both her and her husband work full time jobs in the hopes that one day, Abby would be able to work part time so their daughter would always have one parent available for anything life my throw their way. Abby has always had a love for animals, horses and dogs specifically. She has a 5 year old American Stafford-shire Terrier, Bella. Abby grew up riding horses and continued into adulthood. She is planning on having her daughter learn to ride as well. Family is a big part of Abby's life, her family was very close as she grew up. Spending birthdays and holidays together. Her husband's family is the same way. She hopes that this bio gives the reader an insight on who she is as an author. She hopes you enjoy her book and that she will be able to write many more for you all!

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