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Titan Jean

My name is Jean and I am a resident of Pennsylvania I am currently work as an EMT I love helping people and I love being the mediator between medical facilities for the patients so I can hear their worries and help them maintain and cope with there unfortunate misfortune
I am inspired to write because of my children who love when I read to them every night. I later began to create my own stories with an educational and yet entertaining twist at the end. My kids loved my stories and would ask me to read it again and again \;but I would have to make up a new one because I didn’t write the previous one down. till one day my daughter comes up to me and says “daddy can you read that story you read to us last night pleasure ?” and I said “ I don’t remember the story honey, daddy made it up, my daughter replied with the wisest words of advice with this. She replied “ daddy you should write a book so you don’t have to forget it and you can read it to us every night” it hit me right there I had to write a book and I wanted to start with a book about a moment I was hit with compassion and love all at once and this began my story and road to writing stories
i have always loved stories and love to let people feel what i felt and read my thoughts and this is the way i want to do it but i need much help.

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