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Andrew Martin

Andy Martin is emerging as a marketing communications leader with a vision for the 21st century. When you speak with Andy Martin, his enthusiasm for all things marketing communications is palpable. His unique business-to-business background and body of work speaks for itself. His demonstrated problem solving, project management, and marketing communications business development skills have led to a rewarding career as a marketing communications professional. His unique approach to the execution of strategies and tactics in the field have branded and positioned the companies that Andy has been fortunate to have worked for to the vanguard of marketing communications in the 21st century. At these pure B2B companies like LORD Corporation | John Crane | EagleBurgmann | PumpWorks Andy honed the key tools that any marketing communication professional needs to make it in this competitive and rapidly evolving field. Namely, he has developed an online presence that is second to none in the industry. At the same time, leveraging the burgeoning social media side of the business, utilizing these tools for the companies, along with building a network of assets that new, existing and potential customers have access to connect with dialogue with these companies. A native of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Andy currently resides in Sydney, Australia but has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, and Napa, California, Melbourne, Australia – please welcome …

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