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Jeffrey Payne

Jeffrey Payne

This story began as a screenplay and I was signed to a N.Z. production house for one year, but unfortunately they couldn't get the film funded. I now require funding in order to get it into book form. I am a hobbyist with aspirations to become something otherwise, and I'm hoping 'Tui Aroha' might just give me that break.

I am a retired Englishman in his 60's, who spent a large part of his life in New Zealand I now live in Bali, and spend my time writing while raising a two yr old boy,who came into my life by a quirk of fate, when he was born 3 months prematurely on Xmas day 2012. A full time gig for an old bloke! He's half Jamaican, half Indonesian, as cute as a button and.the light of my life.

Through him I became anew,.

But that's another story....

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