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E.B. Mercurio

I was born in a working class neighborhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, overlooking rusted steel mills and the muddy Monongahela river, that was my playground as a child. After gaining a teaching the degree and working in high schools in and around Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., I was able to travel the world extensively, living amongst those of many walks of life. I studied Sociology at Florida International University and after a successful interlude in the Ph,D program, decided that academia was not for me. I took a left turn in life and after a failed marriage and a loss of children, went deep into the annuls of mysticism and esoterism. I fused my sociological passion for global peace and environmental preservation with the sacred writings and practices of indigenous peoples. In my own story, I've taught thousands of youngsters and learned from dozens of traditional teachers. I've invoked divination with Shamans, traveled the universe through medicinal plants and worked with impoverished children through the cultural arts -and the story of it all pours out into my writings. To this day, I delve into permaculture, sustainable living and the knowledge of the great mysteries. I write within the framework of sacred geometry, I plant seeds in activist ideology and practice the martial art of love thy neighbor...I desire love, understanding and freedom for all, and have the deep conviction that we will all make it, one way or another- to the coming golden age...when we become once again, fully human.

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