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Mercedes Warrick

Who would have thought that cancer would be one of the happiness experiences of my life. Cancer has given me thoughtfulness and kindness; love that is deep and awesome, creativity and prose; appreciation and grace.

Cancer is, "My near life experience." Living has taken on a richness, even though in actuality life's most trying challenges remain and then some.

There is a spirituality to cancer that exposes a rawness and a nakedness where truth resides. It is stark. It is a raw peeling back of the skin I hid within. It is life without framing an outcome.

I am busting up the language of cancer and breaking through the spiritual cliches. Based on my life's experiences, like cancer and more, there are lessons and insights that were not anchored into me. So the lessons persisted until these inklings became cancer. I can't ignore them now.

Beyond the certifications and formal learning, I know ALL of us have an innate gift, much of which we have forgotten. I have experienced mine deeply.

This book is a communion with my Divine Nature. An emergence and renewal brings peace and from that Peace new experiences, insights, healing and a deep creativity that inspires my life beyond anything I could imagine.

The inner vision is a landscape of beauty that guides life's steps and opens pathways. This beauty includes cancer and is a conscious contemplation, a sixth sensory experience of acceptance and fearlessness. A renewing mind, a divine remembering. Cancer my way is....

Living a life alive!

Mercedes Warrick was diagnoised with stage 4 breast cancer in September 2017. She now inspires people to commune with their most Divine Self through programs designed to allow people to explore their inner wisdom, comfortably. She administrates her Facebook group: The Spirituality of Cancer and runs weekly contemplations: I AM LOVE I AM, Circles of Consciousness. As she turns the Learnings and the Guidance received into experiences of inquiry, joy and expansion.

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