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Linda Germanis

The story of this book is me as part of a bigger vision, the story I was meant to tell, the things I was meant to be doing to make it happen.

This book is the story of 'what if' I try to merge my different skills and passions as economist, post-conflict and reconstruction specialist, and yoga teacher?

This is the story of 'what if' I jump into what I feel I am meant to be doing?

This is the story of 'what if' a strong vision and a bit of courage can reverse the relationship between Justice and Health, putting health as a precondition for justice instead of vice versa.

This is the story of 'what if' I get in-spired writing a crowd-funding book to make this vision into a reality.

Here I am, Linda Germanis, exposing my life and soul to the public to touch your fate and get your support to realize my personal and professional dream.

I am the founder, coordinator and leading researcher of Yoga Fusion, Yoga in Action for Post-Conflict Reconciliation, a Participatory Action Research Network aiming at expanding the benefits of yoga to conflict areas and areas of natural disaster.

I always had a passion for conflict and healing. Or maybe I should say a connection to it.

I read and researched a lot on trauma and reconciliation, probably because I felt I had traumas and healing of my own to go through.

Believing in the significance of empathy, who better than someone who healed a little to explore healing at international level?

As you'll find out through the pages of this book, I am not just the writer of this book: this book is also about me.

I always felt that the story matters, and I hope I am writing in these pages a story that matters.

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