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Samuel Nazer Walsh

Samuel Nazer Walsh is a Visionary Business and Life Architect and a Life Celebration Expert. He is also a transformational author in the “New Consciousness” Movement.

His humble beginnings were in a successful career in real estate as a real estate broker, real estate property developer and mortgage broker. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from an accredited university.

After encountering a near death experience, he came to the realization that there had to be more meaning to life than to simply transacting and wealth accumulation. He spent numerous years pondering that question and searching for an answer. His curiosity took him from inspirational books to traveling globally for workshops, private retreats, trainings in personal development, and personal growth and finding unique business strategies under some of the greatest masters of our time.

His findings led him to support creating new visionaries, and thought leaders on how to lead a life by design and not lead a life by accident. He continues to develop his blueprint for optimal living: “living a life of purpose and on purpose”. You can find out more info about him at: and

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