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Richard Batt

Richard Batt

Richard Batt is probably not a name you know, but in the last 29 years I have experienced almost every single experience that I have dreamed of (apart from winning the lottery, but there's still time).

In 2003 part way through a performing arts course at college I decided to become a professional wrestler. Which wasn't exactly the ideal area for a 19 year old with dyspraxia to move into and I was so bad when I first started that other people involved in wrestling thought I had no chance of stepping out on a wrestling show. In fact, the people training tried to get me to quit by beating me black and blue on a weekly basis! But by March 2014 I'd made my professional wrestling debut under the catchy title of "Pop Sensation" Jayson Mayson.

Stepping away fully from professional wrestling in 2010 (well, apart from a couple of one-off returns to the ring... no-one in wrestling ever fully retires!) I decided to take up stand up comedy. It had been a dream from a young age and it seemed to be much less stress on the body than professional wrestling... why not?

Stepping into stand up comedy was one of the craziest decisions of my life but such an enjoyable experience standing up in front of an audience telling them things that.. well... I probably should have kept to myself! I also decided to start up a comedy club which by the end of 2011 had held shows in 5 different venues and had received media coverage on the radio and in newspapers.

The media coverage lead to something that I'd would have never thought about doing - writing columns for newspapers. In 2012 I started writing a comedy column which started as a small side section of the newspaper and grew into a full page article on a monthly basis.

During this time a lot of other things were happening to, my first child was born in 2007 and a second child in 2014. I also began a career working in a mobile phone store and became the top salesperson in the entire company in 2012 and then became a store manager in 2013.

By the beginning of 2015 I'd grew my writing career to such a point that I was able to step away from my job managing a store altogether and concentrate fully on writing articles and ghostwriting for other people. As well as writing for my work I also get to enjoy contributing to places like the Huffington Post and I even found the time to self-publish a comedy cookbook under the title of "Pop Sensation" Jayson Mayson (with an obligatory badly photoshopped image on the front cover!) on the Kindle store.

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