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Thor Rain

Thor A Rain (MA Hons, Dip. Clin. Hyp, Master NLP, Coach, Adv EFT)

Health activist | social entrepreneur | pain and fatigue specialist

Pronouns: They/them

For over a decade, Thor, a health activist and pain and fatigue specialist, has helped hundreds of people to deal with stress and manage their health. They are uniquely qualified to do so, having themselves recovered from ME and fibromyalgia, diagnoses given by their doctor in 2003, along with the prognosis that they would never get well.

They did get well. Doing so took seven years. During the later years of their recovery, they retrained in a range of complementary therapies, including hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom technique (EFT). This clinical training, harnessed to the knowledge gained in their masters and their years working in film production and project management, enabled Thor to pioneer a practical and easy-to-use wellbeing approach: First Aid for Feelings.

Then, in 2013, came the call to health activism. Shocked by learning at a health conference that 30 - 50 percent of patients in GPs’ waiting rooms had ‘Medically Unexplained Symptoms’ (MUSs), Thor felt compelled to do more. Encouraged by patients who were benefiting from their approach offered through the London-based Optimum Health Clinic, they launched a First Aid Kit for Feelings training programme. The aim was to share the approach more widely.
Two years later, further galvanised by patients’ successes, Thor set up a social enterprise, The Helpful Clinic. The clinic offers First Aid for Feelings courses and personalised support to people experiencing feelings like pain, anxiety, overwhelm, anger and fatigue.

Thor's First Aid for Feelings Meditation Course, launched on Insight Timer in April 2020, was selected as a staff pick and is quickly gaining followers.

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