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Joseph Simmons

I have been the regular Joe that sold you tires, and changed your oiI. I have been the regular joe, Iron worker that built some of the schools, Jails or even beer distributor, you get beer from! I have counseled men way older than me, how to take their Small opportunities, and Make them their largest dreams come true. I was even Regular farmer Joe that put turkey, in the store for you to enjoy your bacon or burger or turkey on rye! I am the Same Joe Just with the choice to not be regular. I have always HAD the Ideas it takes to get truly WEALTHY, but I had none of the confidence, tenacity, or the know how, to throw away the nonessentials and gain the essentials. I am sharing with you, how to extract the parts of your life you don't even know you want gone.
I was Joe DIRT everyone else seen this greatness in me, but I didn't. Now I know that I am NOT GOING to DWELL on the past. I will show you how you can create your own formula to success, for what you want to do while you are working on you . My friends and my Past??? I always Loved them, and took lots of mental notes about their lives and mine! I still do! However, I can only be appreciated by the company that KNOWS how to Appreciate, rather than Depreciate! This is the true formula. This is how I went from Being known as Joe Dirt, to Joseph, which in Hebrew translation means literally (to add to!) It is the formula of every truly Rich person you can think of, or that ever could be, or will be.This is the formula to Health, Wealth , Love , and your Happiness. You desires met by your design. You will hear plenty about me in my book, as well, after all, it is from my vast experience I teach, not a text book. I may not be a Schooled man, But I can gurantee I am probably one of the most educated ones you will ever meet!
Now that I got the hard part figured out. I suppose it is time to share! My dream and desire, is to teach people how, when, and why they can, should, and will LOVE this life.This is also why I can say I love you, sincerely and completely, and fully and be received! This is only the beginning! This Book is my life! And as you read it ,and re-read it you will Feel what I am talking about. Please enjoy Your Life- experience to its fullest! It is your birth right!

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