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Kevin Rafferty

I coach and motivate business leaders who want to elevate their leadership skills, make better decisions, and achieve superior results. I only work with leaders who are are open to learning and investing in their personal and professional growth, and who are looking to creating their own and their organization's transformation.

I work with CEO's, Business Owners, and Fortune 1000 C-Level Executives, to help them bridge personal and professional mastery to enhance business results. I help individuals and business leaders transform their own leadership styles and their organizations by connecting authenticity to conscious leadership, which results in more profitable, effective, relevant and healthier organizations. Overall I have coached over 400 executives and businesses, from public to privately held firms.

Though our Elite Leadership Peer groups I serve as a catalyst to support owners and leaders in gaining greater clarity, and focusing on both the strategic mission and underlying purpose of their companies, while helping them implement the steps necessary to achieve their visions. Success stories have included coaching owners and executives through culture transformations, mergers and acquisitions, going public, explosive growth periods, right-sizing, downsizing during economic crisis, and re-invention. I can be both a coach and a player – advising or engaging.

If you are thinking of joining a peer group, or hiring a coach, connect with me and we can set up a complimentary 45 minute coaching session to see if this benefits you!

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