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Antoinette J. Houston

Antoinette J. Houston

I am a happily married mother of one. A casual gamer with a love for fantasy rpgs and The Sims. I'm a chocoholic who's into anime, reading manga and secretly reads shifter novels. I have a collection of comics that I horde fiercely and have amassed a collection figurines that include comic book heroes and villains. This collection includes figures from anime and movies as well. (Star Wars) I love music, can't do anything without some type of music in the back ground. I listen to classic r&b to heavy metal. Anything that puts a picture in my head, an idea or a scene. I'm also into creating leather jewelry. This started as a hobby, to relieve stress and it works very well for me. But I've gotten pretty good at it and have sold some of my pieces. You can find my work on Pintrest to see my progression.

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