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Edward Lewellen

A lifetime student and teacher, my mantra in life is "To help every person I interact with to be better tomorrow than they were today because of my interaction with them". I'm married to the love of my life, Karen, and have two sons, Ben and Josiah. My daughter, Desiree, passed away from cancer over two years ago at the age of 36 and has been a driving force for me to participate in speaking to the Cancer Support Community and other oncology organizations on several occasions, including being invited to be the Keynote Speaker at staff retreats. Because Karen has also experienced cancer, the surgeons that worked with her refer their patients to me because of the emotional stability she exhibited throughout her experience because of the methodologies I used to help her throughout the process. I've been very blessed to have held positions in both the corporate world and non-denominational religious organizations, such as CEO, COO, President, VP, Pastor, and Sr. Pastor. My company is Transformative Thinking and I hold several certifications and degrees, including being a Master Executive Coach. My clients range from individuals seeking to transform and change their lives to executives in Fortune 50 companies. Over the last two years I've been a member of a speaking and consulting team that assists small to medium size business ready themselves to become vendors to Lockheed Martin. As I continue to improve the lives of people one-on-one, it is my vision and desire to expand my ability to reach beyond Dallas/Fort Worth, beyond Texas, beyond the U.S. and to reach and help on a global scale through my books and presentations.

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