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Daniel Roy

I am the kind of traveler you might see sipping chai with the rickshaw pullers by
the side of a bustling Calcuttan street. Home to me may be a traditional market in
Oaxaca, a dirt road through the Indian jungle, or a Chiang Mai coffee house.

Prior to 2009, I was a producer of critically-acclaimed videogames for industry
giants Ubisoft and BioWare. My videogame credits include Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2. I quit a successful career to pursue my dreams, and have roamed the world ever since.

Today, I am a location-independent professional conducting my freelance
video game writing business over the Internet. I have been active on the web since
1994, and am well-versed in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,
Goodreads, Reddit, Google+, and Pinterest. I have designed and maintained numerous blogs and websites throughout the years.

The Way of Slow Travel is the culmination of extensive research and my twenty year love affair with travel; it was borne out of his passion for helping others embrace the kindness and humanity this world has to offer.

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