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yogiemmanuelle Redwin

yogiemmanuelle Redwin

Yogi Emmanuelle is a Toronto based spiritual healer. He embodies the divine blue print of a yogi, Christ consciousness, and oneness of all that is. He believes that he is a reflection of all human beings on this planet who have partaken in anchoring the divine light energy for the new age.
He embodies divine energy and has a strong positive energy that always surrounds him. He is a dedicated Yogi who loves to share his healing energy, wisdom, peace, love and creativity wherever he goes. There are seeds of god and goddesses buried deep within our heart, and it is up to us to awaken and nurture this divine gift within us.
His teachings facilitates ways to get in touch with and learn how to connect our physical, mental and spiritual bodies together to really anchor your divine purpose into your reality. He believes that through yoga, meditation and other practices this can be achieved.
He started writing to channel his higher self. And after a few years he realized that spirit has been setting him up to come up with Volumes of inspiring, uplifting and healing books that will help and elevate the consciousness of the whole world.

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