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G. Franklin

G. Franklin

Author Biography – G. Franklin Prue
G. Franklin Prue is an African American author, writing for more than thirty years. He has completed 11 manuscripts, as well as numerous short stories and poems. He writes in several genres, including: action/adventure and suspense/thriller, family sagas, contemporary Western, a detective series, and contemporary fiction. He has published three of his novels through Create Space with Amazon, where they can be purchased and are reviewed. They are: A Year of Madness, Mammie Doll, and The Man from Sweet Loaf.
Prue is a Vietnam-era veteran, who grew up and was educated in Washington D.C. He earned a B.A. in Politics, with a minor in American Literature, and an M.A. in Education Administration. He worked in the Pentagon, as a research consultant in education, litigation, defense, and healthcare, in hospital administration, in non-profits serving the poor, for FEMA, and in schools, working with troubled teens. His work carried him throughout the United States.
He has traveled broadly in Europe, and Central and South America. He lived and worked for seven years with his family in the Virgin Islands. He later taught English to children in Honduras. He now lives in Panama with his wife, retired in Paradise. He continues to write, and is currently working on novel number 12, about female veterans of the Iraqi war who have become assassins for the government.
He was trained in creative writing at George Washington University and the University of Georgia. His recent short story, Inside the Kingdom, has just been published in The Voices Project, an online literary magazine. Prue writes evocatively and poetically. He grew up a studious child in a blue-collar family, and understands well the poverty, malaise, and strength of the underclass, as well as middle-class African American experience, and the areas between.
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