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Nuria Marugán

I was born in Spain in 1966. By studying History, I made myself unemployable. I always knew I had talent for acting, but I did not have the courage to give it a try for I was afraid of failure. During a crazy summer in NYC I went to several auditions and I even got an agent. I was good at it, but the price was too high. Therefore, I left my supposed golden chance and flew back to Spain. I had everything a girl would have dreamed of, but I could not handle life. The world was a threating place where I did not fit no matter how hard I tried. I spent most of my youth jumping from one depression to another.

Regarding my professional experience, I have done all sorts of weird things from selling cosmetics to guide tourists round an old church where I spent a few months. Nothing fulfillmed me until I discovered writing. I started to write my first book when I was 39 and I got it published in 2012. Aside from five short stories, the book contains a letter I wrote to my niece when she was born for I was going to be her godmother. The second book, "Cuadernos Azules", came out in December of 2013 and was made of diaries written along the years. Since I published my books, I had given lectures on happiness.

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Nuria Marugán


Nuria Marugán

Once truth emerges from the mounds of lies and excuses piled up over the years, neither can facts be hidden nor denied again.

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