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Lionel Merritt

Lionel Merritt

About the Author, Lionel Merritt

Over the years, Lionel Merritt worked as an accountant, business manager, executive consultant, trainer, and life coach. In Christian ministry, he is a graduate of the West Indies School of Theology. Further, he has completed specialized courses in counseling with institutions like Covington Theological Seminary; and participated with credit in professional workshops and seminars dealing with Christian Education, training, traditional counseling and life coaching
He is an active member in the AME Church and holds or held positions of leadership for training (Director of Lay Activities), men’s ministry (Coordinator of the Sons of Allen), and Sunday School (Superintendent). Bro Lionel, as he is known at all levels of the Church, has received a number of awards for his contribution to training in the AME Church.

He is one of the writers of the highly successful Adult Church School Quarterly. Lionel Merritt has conducted highly successful training workshops at the Connectional level. Up to this very day, his colleagues still shower Bro. Lionel with compliments for the two training modules he wrote in the Connectional Lay Study Guide. The Study Guide Committee has again asked Bro. Lionel to submit other modules for the new Guide, which they will publish later this year.

Lionel Merritt has traveled widely, touching every major land mass in the world, with the exception of the Australia region. His visit to Israel cemented in his heart the reality of the earthly life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Probably the greatest memories from that trip were riding a camel, and discussing the Israel- Arab conflict with an Arab in Jerusalem.

In addition, Bro. Merritt holds fond memories of a missionary trip to Zimbabwe Africa, especially his stint as a Guest Teacher in a Bible School there. While on a business trip to Manila the Philippines, Bro. Lionel took time to study the influence and work of the Christian church in that region.

At the personal level, he had his ups and downs. In secular business, he feasted on the sweet grapes of personal success; but also had to deal with the stresses that followed the management positions he held. Likewise, in family and personal relationships, he experienced the highest highs. But, also had some painful floor crashes. On at least one occasion, he did not just hit the floor, but went through the floor.

Hence, in this respect he is not your usual poster boy Bible Teacher and Life Coach. He is not pedantic. For his life experiences drove him faster to seek God’s peace. Out of his pain, he reached for God at the highest level, and found the security and satisfaction, which for many others is still a mere dream.

Therefore, he teaches not out of theological dissertations, or special church doctrines. But out of his own happy and painful walks through life. He is keen to learn from the real experiences of others, and shares his own stories to help others. Lionel Merritt knows conclusively God is real. He knows of God’s miraculous power, having benefited from it on many occasions. He can boldly testify of what pray can do, out of his experiences in Africa, England, and the Caribbean. Most of all, he knows the reality of God’s perfect peace. This is what he shares in the book.

Lionel Merritt is available to help you at the individual, church, or business level.
His contact is Alternatively, reach him at his service company RealResultz Associates LLC at (or

Rev. Dr. Ranford Patterson
Elder of the AME Church, (Florida and the Bahamas)
Senior Pastor, Cousin McPhee Cathedral, Nassau, The Bahamas
President of the Bahamas Christian Council

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