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Nkem Mpamah

I am a result-focused business strategist and coach. A global thought leader in the arena of business growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. My work encompasses business coaching for entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate executives. I'm great at strategy, innovation, culture, execution, vision and high performance.

I started my career as an accountant in the bank. For nearly 20 solid years I worked with small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives, to understand their specific challenges and propose support to overcome them. But In 2006, the entrepreneur in me wouldn't let go; so I quit my bank job for greener pastures in United Kingdom. I worked first in London, then Cambridge, and bang...! 2008 global recession was here and I lost my Financial Controller job.

Being available to the market, I thought it was time to answer my Entrepreneurship Calling. But first I studied Business Coaching and obtained prerequisite skills & tools to support entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives. In 2011, I became founder and President of, Cognition Global Concepts Cambridge.

Typically my ideal clients are:

• Startup Entrepreneurs wishing to turn ideas into business.
• Small Business Owners to help identify blind spots, and create compelling strategies. and multiply productivity.
• Corporate executives and team to clarify vision, create superb leadership
capability, and high performance culture via Executive Coaching and
Leadership Development.
• Fast Growth Companies (or Accelerators) to develop products that customers
want, and multiply sales through strategy consulting.
• Independent Professionals (accountants, speakers, coaches, consultants,
financial advisors, journalists, etc), to take control of their time and improve

If you’re seeking a result-focused business coach to improve your productivity and revenue, or having me speak at your next event, shoot me an email at

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Nkem Mpamah

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Nkem Mpamah

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