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Bruna Berney

Since I have to talk about myself, I'll start with my name, I'm Bruna. Yes, you read that correctly Brun-A. The correct way to pronounce my name is to pretend you are an Italian gangster.

I've been in a serious relationship with my imagination since 1993. We've survived the grounded dynasty all the way up to the four year mandatory educational enlistment. We have a serious knack for disguises and transforming stages and cameras into alternate environments.
We love to travel far, but last November we just traveled to North Carolina where we met Abigail Chase and listened to her amazing journey of self discovery.

If I'm not with my imagination then I'm admiring the flowers in Whole Foods, cooking, working out, or attempting to live a normal life. Which I fail miserably at, I might add. Oh, and I've recently returned from kitten rehab.

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Bruna Berney


Bruna Berney

"I should probably state that I have a severe problem. I'm addicted to this rush, to this adoration that cloaks the emptiness inside."

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