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Yatindra Kaudinya

Yatindra Kaudinya

He born in a Hindu Brahmin family and has been seriously interested in the

tradition approaches since birth. He was graduated purely in science stream and

then shifted his attention in the mystical and philosophical schools of Yoga and

Tantra. He learned Tantra from the different scholars in general and Kashmir

Saivism from Prof. Navijian Rastogi, Pt. Hemendra Nath Chakravarty and Prof. Vrij

Vallabh Dwivedi in particular. He got his Ph.D. in Kashmir Saivism and Yoga. He

not only learned Tantra-Yoga but also practiced all the ritualistic and practical

approaches under the guidance of competent masters.

From more than 10 years, he is teaching as a Professor in a University where he is

specialized in Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta and their offshoots. He is also disseminating

his knowledge of traditional practices and philosophies through some workshops

for his Indian and foreigner students. Recently, Chaukhamba Surbharati - a

famous oriental publisher has published his book- Yoga in Kashmir Saivism. Now

he is translating several rare Tantra books in English such as Kamakhya Tantra,

Mahakala Samhita etc.

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