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Chris Riis Jensen

Hi, Chris is the name and thanks for stopping by. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and let’s get acquainted.

I’ve always been passionate about businesses and how they run so I was overjoyed when I earned my business degree (MBA) from High Point University in North Carolina. I knew immediately that I wanted to help other people launch their products and businesses and I began by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to get online and create a solid presence. At the time, I didn’t know as much as I’d like about building websites but I made up for it the areas I excelled in and as I progressed, my knowledge expanded considerably.

As I progressed, I became very interested in the techniques and psychology behind highly successful product launches such as Apple products and other giants, compared to the sub-par launches that fizzled out very quickly. After much studying and my own experience off helping others, I created my own unique Product Launch Guide, which I hope continues to benefit and be an inspiration to others now and in the future.

I realize that time can be very limited in the stages prior to a launch so my aim is to take some of the hard work away and provide some invaluable knowledge.
A very large percent of the people I’ve shared knowledge and insight with, later returned to me, asking for all I knew about email campaigns; what separates a good campaign from an awe-inspiring campaign, how to tailor a campaign to a target demographic and whether I knew of any books or guides on these topics. I was also asked several times whether I had a website where people could come and learn new ways of doing things to achieve the success they desire.

In my professional career I have been part of Joint Venture Setups, establishment of new business areas, and been the Executive Adviser for the Board of Directors.

As much as 80% of startups fail - and I am here to make you part of the 20% that doesn't. I have to date helped more than 40 small startups - and all but 3 are still going strong. How you ask? By following a set guide and thereby avoiding many of the pitfalls.

What’s in it for me? Quite simply, the feeling of satisfaction. Knowing that I’ve helped somebody else in their quest to build a life and boost the economy, gives me immense satisfaction that cannot be bought. There are so many places that offer a ton of services but charge extortionate amounts in order for businesses to obtain them. Whilst this is possible for a small number, it simply isn’t possible for many others and for those, I’d like to share something valuable that won’t bankrupt them before they’ve even got off the ground.

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Chris Riis Jensen

Bye Bye 9-5!

Chris Riis Jensen

This book will help you as a step-by-step guide until you are completely ready to start with this new journey of escaping the 9-5.

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