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Cory Bowen

I am from a small town in north central Pennsylvania called Wellsboro. I reside with my wonderful wife and two daughters. My best friend Chewbacca also lives with us. He is a six year old chocolate lab who behaves like a two year old little boy.
Believe it or not, there is a grand canyon of the east. Wellsboro happens to be its home. Having a resident population of less than 4,000, the tourism to the area brings in tens of thousands of non-residents per year. This is sometimes less than exciting for the locals. I have lived here my whole life and would not trade it for anything. It is a truly inspiring place to live.
I have developed a number of unusual hobbies and interests as I have grown older. Perhaps they are a midlife crisis or second childhood. I love to surf, snowboard, and skateboard. I have kept those interests my whole life. My latest unusual interest is growing various hot peppers. I want to grow the hottest peppers known to man. I have absolutely no idea why. I hate the slightest hint of heat in my food, and I hate the taste of peppers altogether. Go figure. My desire to write novels has been with me since I was able to hold a pencil. Creative stories and nonsense have been a gift I have been blessed with. My dream is to write.
Though my dream of writing is strong, it has been hindered and put aside for nearly three decades due to severe depression, bipolar disorder, and alcoholism. Through years of varying treatments, struggles, and trial-and-error, I feel human enough to put words on paper.

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