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Edwin Smith

Born into a family of talented entertainers and musicians; his Dad, an articulate and respected North Jersey Baptist pastor, Edy Edwin Smith was exposed at an early age to the challenges and dichotomies attendant to spiritual and secular lifestyles; typically considered opposing worlds. His life tales include confrontations with a myriad of issues including multiple marriages, divorces, extensive periods of unemployment, homelessness, spiritual conflict, disillusionment, uncertainty, and even turning away from God.

These challenges, as well as overcoming health issues to include prostate cancer and open heart surgery, have led Edy to understand the true meaning of love, as embodied and intended by our creator, of purpose, relationships, and God's infinite goodness, which is rooted in love. They have uncovered the reality of how limited societal and political reasoning and awareness truly are. Most importantly, Edy became consciously aware of our connection to and relationship with God, ourselves and each other as spiritual beings. Therefore, discovering a “framework for his reality,” which is portrayed in his authorship.

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Edwin Smith

God is Love

Edwin Smith

An accomplished Piano Entertainer, Edy Edwin Smith shares an enlightened treatise on Love, the absolute essence and entirety of God!

Religion & Spirituality