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Sheryl Wright

Sheryl Wright started her career in the military as a Photographer. During those early years, she quietly volunteered her skills to the Body Politic monthly newspaper and their fledgling magazine, Xtra. She would go on to earn an Electrical Engineering Degree and learn to fly. As a pilot, she’s operated everything from commuter jets, helicopters, and seaplanes including working as a seaplane pilot, fire patrol/spotter, air ambulance captain, and a line pilot for Canadian Airlines.

She started writing after suffering a Medical Misfortune. Today her works of fiction include the award-winning Contrary Warriors series, plus Don’t Let Go, Stay With Me, Queen of Hearts, and the forthcoming Cause and Affection. She is currently working on something extraordinary, the lessons she learned in the time between this life and the next delivered during a Near-death Experience. Her working title is Purpose Like Air.


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