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Akpoveta Akpoviri

Akpoveta Akpoviri

Akpoveta AKpoviri is an eclectic writer whose work cut through creative literary gene, A respected writer, journalist, filmmaker, public intellectual and a social commentator who is using his work to address the many ills in the society. He is a graduate of Public Administration.
He is a man with highly creative managerial skills, a public affairs analyst who currently works in the capacity of Creative Director at Vysta Image Concept Enterprises. He is also a business consultant for firms both within and outside Nigeria. Akpoveta is a writer and an accomplished poet who has contributed to several anthologies, locally and internationally. He indulges in movie making that addresses societal issues. “Don Veta” as he is fondly known by peers and business associates lives and works in Warri, Delta state, Nigeria.

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