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Oana Roscu

Oana Roscu

Rem's passion for fantastic worlds was a big part of her life since she was old enough to tell the difference between the villain and the hero. Stories enchanted and allowed her to see the world in a different way. They brought light over loneliness, bringing a new friend with every page she turned. Her love for travelling through different characters helped her battle life's own demons by sending them into oblivion, using a sword called hope. Her eyes started to see the magic in everything around her and one day her soul screamed for a story that needed to be told. That's how "Above the Clouds" was born. By telling the story of Stratus, the author explores the struggle of escaping from a society that doesn't give you the freedom to be yourself.

Founder of the company Creartscape Teh S.R.L., Rem is also passionate about video games. The game inspired from the novel, Above the Clouds, won people's choice awards at the Indie Prize Competition hosted by Casual Connect in San Francisco, 2015.

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