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Dalene Davies

Dalene Davies is a creative writer, inventive educational homeschool author, who writes books, e-books & journals. She is an imaginative novelist, scriptwriter, poet, and transmedia project creator. A political activist, she infuses her novels and screenplays with her passion for justice and human dignity.

From age nine, Dalene knew she would become an author. Her first story involved her Cabbage Patch Doll and Sandi-cat solving mysteries in the Cabbage Patch Hospital. As she got older, she devised creative stories to explain her children’s disappearing socks. The publication of Sock Monsters Invade Earth inspired her to use her writing to published home-school books and e-books through Lulu Publications.

An expert in homeschooling for more than twenty years, Dalene has designed innovative textbooks for left-handers, double sided creative writing journals and homeschool summary guides. Her goal is to streamline the homeschool industry creating e-book materials that change our ideas about school and the environment. With homeschooling on the rise, she is at the forefront of the movement.

Dalene’s current interests include screenwriting, children’s entertainment, novels and e-books. A graduate of the challenging BFA Creative Writing for the Entertainment Industry program at Full Sail University, she is anxious to expand her audience through Transmedia projects, interactive games, and the global internet community.

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