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Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson (pseudonym, "Marie Lopez") didn't like studying Spanish in school. But, she plugged away at it anyway, never dreaming that she would spend the rest of her life speaking, writing, reading and teaching it! She interrupted her college studies to begin volunteer work, working with English and Spanish speakers, and hasn't stopped yet. When she moved to South America, she added yet another language to the list: Ecuadorian Quichua.

Currently she is the owner of ESEN Translation Services, a minority/woman owned small business, offering language services in English, Spanish and Ecuadorian Quichua. These including translation, interpretation, proofreading, transcription, editing and language learning.

She has been a literacy and language instruction volunteer in South America since she moved there in 1989. In 2011, she published the book, "Wanna Go Where?", a guide into planning for a move abroad. Her e-guide, "5 Reasons to NOT learn a Second Language" was published in 2015. And now, she's working on a series of children's stories, based on her aunt's two Russian Blue cats, the objective of this book proposal.

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Julie Thompson

Olivia and the Mush series

Julie Thompson

Two adopted Russian Blue cats, a loving couple to take care of them...what could go wrong?

Children Fiction