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Robert Run

Robert has been putting synonyms on his oatmeal since he was a little kid.

This is Robert's first attempt at being seriously published. While he has folders full of material, both physical and digital, thinking of himself as someone other people might be interested in reading is new for him.

He has piles of song lyrics from his time as a young man in rock bands, wads of short stories, a pretty good number of vignettes, a couple of fairy tales and short screenplays. Not many people have seen any of it.

The youngest of six kids by five years, there was no shortage of reading material for Rob in the home. He was so impressed with all these older siblings engrossed in their reading. He thought at a very young age that he wanted to be someone who writes a book that gets left lying on a table in people's homes.

Quote from Rob: "When I was a kid, I thought everyone was a writer, otherwise what are all those letters and words for?"

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