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Bolaji Eyo

Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Bolaji loved reading from a very young age. During power outages, which were frequent, she would stay up late reading by the kerosene lamp; ignoring warnings from her mother that it would affect her eyesight. The books she read would whisk her away to another world, controlled by her imagination; it was far better than watching TV, where the scenery and cast were limited by what she could see.
Bolaji studied at the prestigious University of Lagos for her Bachelor's degree and then relocated to London when she was 23, to study for her Masters degree at Kings College London.
Her decision to write a book on this topic started as a way to entertain herself however it slowly blossomed into a way to reach out to younger girls, to pass on the message that no amount of money in the world is worth losing your integrity over.
She is married and lives with her husband and two children in Hertfordshire.

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