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C.Y. Bourgeois

C.Y. Bourgeois

C.Y. Bourgeois is an avid reader and after having spent countless enjoyable hours over the years reading other people's narratives, she realized that she too has stories to tell.

C.Y. wrote and published her debut young adult novel and 2013 Paris Book Festival award winner, Visions of You, in 2011.

C.Y. considers herself a native of Alaska, having lived there since the age of two. She and her husband recently moved to northern Idaho where they now reside with their two dogs and two cats.

C.Y. is currently typing her fingers to the bone on a sequel to VOY entitled Visions of Mortality, as well as a third young adult novel, The Whispering of Trees. In the middle of those, a misspelled text gave birth to the first installment of a middle grade series entitled, The Secret Sisterhood of Ninjas.

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