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Denice Blair

I have been an Alternative Healthcare Adviser in Queens, NY for many years, specializing in "Nutrition, Fitness and Stress Management. I also took an intensified training course in safely performing "Colonic Irrigation" procedures for those who wished to perform at home under my instructions. In doing so, I developed a complete procedure as a colon care consultant.

I referred to my services as, "Holistic Hands and Healin." I consulted with many people in the Queens County area, as well as people from the other 5 Boroughs.

My area(s) of consult was providing 30 to 45 minute consultations focusing on: better eating habits, for my clients, which I called "eating for life' regimens, providing Body Mass Index (BMI) to measure body fat, fitness instruction, prescribing exercise for weight reduction and other health concerns.

To further assist my clients who had stress issues, I used techniques such as: acupressure massage with and without Aromatherapy, Qigong Standing Meditation, Yoga Asanas, meditation and sound healing, in addition to layperson Homeopathic advice on natural medicines.

For individuals who were severly obesed I advised colon irrigation correct colema board set-up and instruction I have incorporated some of the acupressure points found in the feet and hands to help and guide clients who had problems with elimination.

I,educated many people in preparing themselves to safely performing colonic irrigations at home for weight reduction and overall health.

My background is in nutrition , fitness, stress management which I obtained at the Professional career Institute -1995-2000 .It is also in colon health and wellness 1999 in which I obtained at ; Superior Colonics (now called Holistic Colonics in Brooklyn, NY). I have been a supporting member of IFH (International foundation of Homeopathy) for several years. As well as a supporting member of American Massage Therapy Assn. 2001
First level Reiki Energy healer 1999.

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