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Shaveta Karol

Driver’s can refer other drivers to join the system, same concept would be used. Any registered driver can refer other driver to join the system for example Driver A refers driver B, if driver B registers and take the ride then Driver A would get certain bonus.

Points to be noted:

1)To avail the bonus each driver need to refer certain number of drivers. Number would be decided based on the organization goal i.e. If organization goal is 400 then it would be divided based on the locations and then the number of drivers.
2)Driver can refer users to use the service app. They can share the referral code. Again this would be target based.
3)Bonuses would be based on the time can be quarterly/Month etc. Suppose Driver A referred to 8 drivers out of 10 in first quarter then either he will either no bonus or system can decide based on the percentage. If he achieves the target he will get the bonus at the end of the quarter/month.
4)Bonus/offers can be changed

Recruiting Referral

It includes referral at multiple levels for staff members. Again it would be target based based upon the organization goal.

1st Level: When staff member forward resume it would considered the first level. We can keep certain points and at the end of month points would be redeemed in form of Bonus (cash)

2nd Level: If resume is shortlisted it would be considered as the second stage.They would have more points with respect to first level

3rd level: If users clears the interview process it would be considered as 3rd level. Again there would be certain points which would be clubbed at the end of Month.

4th Level: If user Joins the organization and stays for 3months then there would be larger bonus comparatively to other levels

At admin level

1)Unique reference ID would be generated for each staff member where we can track the number of offers made by the staff member

2)Admin would check track till which level user reached and accordingly points would be allocated to the staff members

For example

1st level: 10 points
2nd level: 20 points
3rd level: 30 points
4th level: 100 points

3) Suppose staff target is 10 candidates per month but he/she reaches to 5( which completely joins) then staff member would get bonus based on the percentage and it will also calculate the number of users reaching to certain level.

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