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Dylan Saccoccio

Dylan Saccoccio

Los Angeles, California

Dylan Saccoccio is an American artist and activist for freedom and equality.

His first two novels have been Amazon best-sellers and he has contributed performances to film and TV for the past decade.

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About the author

I serve the Truth. I do not mind where that path takes me or where it comes from. If it is the Truth, I will align myself with it. My mission is to help usher in the Freedom of the Age of Aquarius, in harmony with Nature, to harm none and do what I will. To the uninitiated, the symbol on the cover may look sinister. To the Initiated, it is Antimony, a symbol of the Free Spirit. The Great Work is to seek and speak the Truth. It takes Courage, Care, Willpower, and Persistence.  

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Prophecy Hill and the Paper Sea

An allegorical fantasy adventure initiating the reader into the occult sciences that produce renaissance and the triumph of the soul.

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Dylan Saccoccio opens up about the causal factors that compel this special edition book.


"Prophecy Hill and the Paper Sea" is a compilation of three books, two of which have been on best-seller lists in the past, and one of which has not been released yet. It initiates the reader into several mystery schools while providing an allegorical, metaphorical true story. Though it may be entertaining, this book offers you Truth only. The path must indeed be walked. To know and not to do is not to know at all. This work is a tapestry wherein the Truth beneath its physical mask may be accessed by rural and scholarly thinkers, but it does not end there. Philosophers, lovers of Wisdom, metaphysical thinkers, may access the same Truth and come to understand its deeper, transcendental nature. But it will be the Initiates that spiritually wield their souls to behold the cardinal Truth of this work that is connected to the angelic centers far beyond the reaches of this illusory, sublunary world. Reader, perhaps the best test for you right now is to examine the title, "Prophecy Hill and the Paper Sea." If you do not understand its meaning, symbolism, and green language, then take that as affirmation that you are encouraged to delve deeper. You are meant to know more. For the Initiated, may my work aid your service to Truth in such a way that the years of my life dedicated to create this work help you save years of yours while teaching others the Divine lessons contained within.


This book is for those who know that something is wrong, who feel the seeds of decay spreading through every fruit of pleasure in the world, but don't know the causal factors and thus have no power to affect change. It is for both the initiated and the uninitiated. This book would NEVER be published by the Big 5 unless there was a massive shift in consciousness, because the ones who control them do not want you to have this information. The only chance this book has of reaching a quantum amount of people required for a shift in consciousness is through you. We're transitioning into the New Aeon, the Age of Aquarius, the age of Freedom, and the sorceresses and black magicians of the Dark Satellite are losing their power. Now is the time to make a move. That's why all of their horrible deeds are quickening and every day there's a new violent conflict to distract you from what they're doing. So for those of you who plan to survive the coming Chaos Sorcery that they're going to inflict upon this earth, and then help our race thrive in the next paradigm without masters or slaves, this is for you. The Age of Freedom requires a certain level of consciousness to be attained by a certain percentage of the sovereign inhabitants of this realm. There are axioms that must be understood in order for you to navigate through the most challenging situations and trials on your Paths of Wisdom. 


I will be blogging about my book's progress, and other interesting reads, primarily through the platform Medium. Subscribe here:

My marketing is done primarily through Twitter, a platform where I have about 65K subscribers. But I also share poignant memes, and all the most relevant information pertaining to the service of Truth and my support for other independent entrepreneurs. Subscribe here:

If you want to get on a weekly email list, I also blog/share information at Wordpress. I don't always post every week. I try to focus on my work, but if I do post on Wordpress, it's significant:

I also have several films coming out soon. You can keep track of those projects at IMDB:



Target Audience:

Fans of

1) Patrick Rothfuss 

2) Joe Abercrombie

3) Sarah J. Maas

4) Robert Jordan

5) George R.R. Martin

6) J.K. Rowling

7) George Bernard Shaw

8) George Orwell (Eric Blair)

9) Pierce Brown

These works are great, and produced by such amazing talent, however, the majority of fantasy writers on this list don't really get into the mystery traditions that they borrow their magick systems from. For example, since he is currently my favorite author, I'll site Patrick Rothfuss first. There is a scene when Kvothe casts a magick spell and speaks the phrase, "As above, so below." 

However, Rothfuss never initiates the reader into this principle. Why? Is he just saying, "Hey, just so you know, reader, I'm illuminatus?" I don't think so. It seems kind of childish, but perhaps he has no idea where it comes from and the phrase was entered into his book by direction of another. It seems out of place. Where does this come from in real life? Egypt, and perhaps beyond even that, from Atlantis. It's the Law of Correspondence: "As it is above, so it is below; as it is on Earth, so it is in the sky." This is one of the most important Natural Law Principles for you find your way should you become lost in this matrix of illusion. So why would an author use it and then not initiate his readers into a deep understanding of that Divine gift? You'll learn all about that in my books, but in case you never read them, the Law of Correspondence is key to understanding the way this Universe works, and if you cannot understand that, then you cannot know thyself, and thus the triumph of your Soul is thwarted. As the Delphi Oracle states, "Know thyself and you shall know the Universe and the gods." 

I initiate my readers in not only the Hermetic Natural Law Principles, but also in many other mystery traditions that are being perverted by service-to-self entities. To the uninitiated, Solomon's magick seals and knowing the names of all things to command them may seem brilliant, but it all goes back to much more ancient knowledge. Rothfuss just happens to be more initiated than most fantasy writers, and since his system is base off of real life magick, it's one of the best. 

Another example of this, from one of the best authors right now, is Sarah J. Maas' brief mention of Beltane in her Throne of Glass series. But does she initiate the reader into the Beltane festival that goes from April 19 - May 1, and involves human sacrifice, especially the immolation sacrifice of infants to Molech/Ba'al/Bael/Baal, or how that correlates to the temple of Ba'al being erected in NYC or the giant stature of Molech at Bohemian Grove? Nope. Which important icon was found dead in an elevator during this year's Beltane Festival, on the Queen of England's birthday? What did that elevator represent in his songs, the one where if it's trying to bring you down you've gotta go crazy and punch a higher floor? The Devil. Are you a coincidence theorist? Of course not. You just don't understand the occult mockery that's going on. So where I'm going with this is that I don't know these authors personally. I don't know who is telling them what to put in their novels or why they're putting certain historical knowledge in their novels and then not initiating the readers into that information. It could just be that they do basic internet searches and run with the superficial information they find, but I doubt it. I do know why you'll never find the truth in their novels, and I don't blame the artists. You'll have to look at where they get their money from, who owns them, and who creates/issues that current-sea. 

So why should you support artists like me? Because I'm not beholden to anyone but the Creator. I've been initiated, but I choose not to belong to any collective, for that is the destruction of individualism. That's the grave mistake that everyone is making. The dark occultists seek a return to the Golden Age through the destruction of sovereignty and individualism. The light occultists seek to unite people through Truth, for there will be Freedom only when the structure of Knowledge looks like a round table where everyone has a seat, versus a pyramid structure where only the initiated know it, and people understand the most occulted Knowledge of all: that of the Self and of Natural Law. Our actions are only as good as the information we've taken in. I know what's going on. I understand the Law of Correspondence deeply. That's why I became vegan. As long as humanity enslaves, tortures, and murders beings of lesser consciousness, it can forget about all childish notions of being free. This is non-negotiable, no matter how pretentious you may think I am or how much your sublunary ego may wish to remain ignorant of this universal law. I understand Natural Law deeply. I don't merely know the path, I walk the path. I am not perfect. I make mistakes all the time. But the Truth is singular, discoverable, knowable, and objective, and I condense decades worth of Time and Attention of research and experiential knowledge into my stories because it's obvious that humanity does not explore that knowledge on their own. This is why astro-theology and astro-mythology were created in the first place. People don't like the Truth. They desire it, but they don't want to do what's required to earn it. They'd rather be entertained and get the gist of that Wisdom than come to a deep understanding of it through their own adventures. So because of that, I'm doing my part to de-occult this knowledge, because we are now in the Age of Aquarius, the Aeon of Freedom. This is why the current paradigm is rigged against people like myself. Those that benefit off of human slavery and theft are afraid they will be abandoned if they give way to Truth. But give way they must. This is bigger than me, and if there were other authors doing this work in the entertainment realm, I probably wouldn't be focusing on this as much. Since I'm independent, my penetration of the markets are only as deep as the readers will make it. It's the ultimate act of volunteerism. And I actually love that, because all action must be based on voluntary consent in order for it to be moral and aligned with Nature. 
This was my first book. It sold multiple copies pretty much every day for a little over a year, but that was due to the energy I spent marketing it. Even though it was rewarding to connect with people all over the world, it burned me out. It's not my passion to be a marketer. And though I think you're a rockstar if you can get someone to buy even one of your books per day, I decided to make my first book free in hopes to reach a wider audience. It was briefly the #1 Dark Fantasy at the Kindle store in 2014, and is now available at most online stores. The primary downloads still come from iBooks Amazon, but I was interested in Publishizer and perhaps being part of something that creates a new way of doing business in the entertainment world, where artists don't have to sell their souls to be commercially successful. All three books are included in "Prophecy Hill and the Paper Sea." Book 3 has not been released yet. Book 2 enjoyed being on a couple best-seller lists in America and the UK, and fans liked it even better due to its high octane, gritty action, but it didn't penetrate the market the way I would've liked. Still, I'm proud of it, and I think as I publish more books in this series, it will generate attention. Lately it has sold more in the UK than the US. 
The majority of my time is being invested in completing this book. The action in this is unparalleled. I'm not mincing words when I say that. But the gnosis delivered in it is equally as relevant in helping you protect yourself from the Inversive Brethren of the Dark Satellite. I do my best, but I cannot walk the path for you. The Paths of Wisdom are private, hidden paths, and must be walked individually. To know and not to do is not to know or care. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.


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